Spanish Club members during a visit to Chicago As a Valpo language student you'll take courses that strengthen your language skills and launch you into engaging texts, topics, and questions. But the learning doesn’t stop there: at Valpo you'll enhance your language skills by participating in many great activities. Together with your coursework these experiences help you develop linguistic and cultural fluency - and the skills and knowledge to succeed professionally in any number of fields. 

Major in:  Classics (Civilization, Greek, Latin) • French  •  German  • Spanish   
Minor in:  Chinese  •  Hebrew  • Japanese



• Be sure to take your foreign language placement exam by June 1, 2013


• Valpo ranked among the top 10 Most Innovative Colleges for Foreign Language Study

• Valpo German program designated a German Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German 

 French professor Timothy Tomasik named to the Richard P. Baepler Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities

German professor Sarah DeMaris named Indiana World Language Teacher of the year

Contact:  Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures • Arts and Sciences Building, 1400 Chapel Drive 219.464.5341 (phone)  •  219.464.6952  (fax)  •