A minimim of 16 credit hours in Japanese constitutes a minor.

You must be a sophomore, junior or senior in good standing, with a GPA of at least 3.0. You do NOT need to be a Chinese and Japanese Studies major to participate. Two semesters of college-level Japanese are recomended, but not required for the Kansai program, and highly recommend for the Osaka International program. Almost all Valpo students can study abroad in Japan without delaying graduation IF they plan carefully with their academic advisor. A semester or full year at Kansai Gaidai University, located in the culturally rich area betweek Osaka and Kyoto. This program offers Japanese language instruction and a number of Asian Studies courses taught in English, including topics in business, art, economics, and history, among others. Students have the option of living with a Japanese host family or in dormitories located on campus. Students pay all fees, including tuition, room, and meal plan, to Valparaiso University. The program at Osaka International University (OIU) also offers language study, but has the added feature of a 1 month internship with a Japanese company or organization. Students engage in intensive language study for the first semester, then spend an interim period in an internship setting, before returning to OIU campus and taking courses taught in English. Students have the option of living with a host family or in a dormitory. Tuition fees are paid to Valparaiso University; all other fees, including room and board, are paid directly to OIU. This program runs from September to July and is offered for the whole Japanese academic year only. It is especially suitable for business and engineering students.

Visit the Office of International Programs for more details.


Many students minoring in Japanese choose to complement their language studies with an inderdiscinplinary program:

Chinese and Japanese Studies

This program provides and opportunity for students to focus their study on this important area of the world by examining the history, culture, and religions of China and Japan, in addition to developin some proficiency in the Chinese or Japanese language. It provides an essential background for students considering a career in education, business, government, or the arts related to the East Asian cultural sphere.

International Economics & Cultural Affairs (IECA)

This program includes a core of five courses in economics and five in Japanese (language, literature, and culture), and two courses each in geography, history, and political science. Double-majors in IECA and Japanese work in international business or public affairs.


Japanese Club

Christopher Center Community Room, Mondays 8:30 PM

The Japanese club is planning a trip to the Japanese marketplace Mitsuwa in Chicago on Sunday, March 20. The club will leave at about 9 am and return between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

A Japanese Club dinner is being tentatively planned for the end of March or beginning of April. Information will be posted as it develops.