LRC - Calendar

Various activities are scheduled to take place in the Language Resource Center throughout the school year.  During most activities that occur during regular hours, the LRC will remain open to the general student population.  There are, however, some activities that require we close part or all of the LRC.  For these activities, the event title will include a bullet• and the description will include a notation: "LRC closed" or "Studio closed" if only the Studio room must be closed.  Be certain to click on an individual event link to view the full description for all details.

For fall 2012 we can accept requests for LRC use by faculty or student groups associated with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.  As we begin to explore how best to use the various spaces within the LRC, we will have a better understanding of how we can expand to other programs or groups which might want to use the space.

All foreign language faculty, language clubs and associated groups are invited to use the LRC space for their activities including conversation tables, meetings, and special events.  If you would like to use the LRC for your event or activity this coming year, please contact the LRC Director so your event can be added to the calendar.