LRC - English Conversation Partners: GS 180 / GS 106

Overview:  How it works

1. Conversation partners meet for 16 hours of conversation over the course of the semester, with roughly half of the sessions taking place in the Language Resource Center.

2. Both the international student and the US native speaker earn one credit after successfully completing the requirements of the program.  
   - The US student earns one credit through the GS 180 Civic Engagement course.
   - The international student earns one credit through the GS 106 course ("English Conversation Partners").

3. Each partner is required to attend two combined meetings:  
   - A general introductory meeting at the beginning of the semester (TBA)
   - A wrap-up/feedback meeting at the end of the semester (TBA)

4. Additionally, the US native speaker participates in an orientation related to the service aspect of the experience.  

5. Each partner writes a short reflection about his or her individual experience at the end of the semester.  Other opportunities for reflection and conversation with multiple partners will be organized. 

Let us know if you're interested in participating!

• Contact the LRC:
  -Email Carol Goss, Director of the Language Resource Center
  -Call 219.464.5764
  -Stop by the LRC in the Arts and Sciences Building, room 240

• After contacting the LRC you will receive an email reply with more details about how to participate.