LRC - Private Conversation Exchange

Private English Conversation Exchange: Fall 2014

Many students participate in the LRC's formal English Conversation Partner Program which pairs US and international students.  Both students earn an academic credit after completing the program.

However, some students do not want to earn a credit or are otherwise not able to participate in the formal program.  Native speakers of English who want to meet for casual conversation with an international student are invited to fill out the form below.  A private conversation exchange might be just for fun or for pay, but not for academic credit.  Beyond offering a place to post contact information, the LRC does not arrange or manage private conversation exchanges. 

US STUDENTS: I want to meet with an international student for casual converation in English
If you are a native speaker of English and wish to meet for conversation with an international student, please complete the online form.  With your permission, your information will be posted on the LRC website below or within the LRC facility in the Arts and Sciences building, room 240. 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: You can email a US student below and ask about starting a private conversation exchange.  This is for English conversation only; if you need learning assistance in specific courses and/or in general English language skills, you may submit a Peer Tutor Request Form with the Academic Success Center.

US Students interested in meeting just for fun or for pay US Students interested in meeting as a private tutor for pay *
Jackie Zemke, '15, French/International business major
Jacob Smutz, '16, IECA/French major
Claire Johnson, '14, German/IECA major
Nayeli Rios, '15, Biology major, can meet as a private tutor for pay
Oscar Prado, '16, Music Industry major, can meet as a private tutor for pay

* Students must privately negotiate any pay arrangement.



Updated 5.1.2014