LRC - Studio

workshopThe Studio side is most often available as an open computer lab, similar to our previous setup in Meier Hall.  The Studio computers include language-specific tools such as spell/grammar-check for French, German, and Spanish as well as word processing with input options for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew.  Studio computers are ideal for recording audio voice samples, working on media projects, and connecting via webcam with friends, family and colleagues overseas.

Beyond it's principle function, other important activities that take place on the Studio side include:

• Study groups 

Designated space for Supplemental Instruction (SI) tied to specific language courses  

• Film screenings

Screenings for department classes; special CORE screenings for international students led by an LRC language partner skilled in working with non-native speakers of English

• Special functions

Flexible venue for occasional teaching, workshops, training sessions, cultural demonstrations, and other activities



Various activities are scheduled to take place in the Language Resource Center throughout the school year.  During most activities that occur during regular hours, the LRC will remain open to the general student population.  There are, however, some activities that require we close part or all of the LRC.  All activities, including those for which we must close part of all of the LRC for a period of time, are included on the LRC calendar.