LRC - Study Resources
The Language Resource Center makes available numerous study support resources for language learners, both onsite and online.

Students can find many valuable support materials at the resource counter in the LRC, including: books in the LRC reading collection, dictionaries, grammar reference, and language learning strategy take-home materials.  The LRC enrichment collection includes films and games, many of which can be checked out overnight by students.  Students can also discover international TV programming while studying or relaxing in the LRC.

Online resources include audio materials associated with course textbooks as well as some support for writing such as those highlighted on the French Writing Page.  Lastly, students and faculty should not overlook the following selection of useful links along with several how-to-guides:

GENERAL (serious study tools as well as entertaining diversions)

Accent guide — Create accents on your computer
Audacity — Free audio recorder — How to use Audacity
Forvo — "All the words in the world.  Pronounced."
The Freesound Project — Database of Creative Commons licensed sounds (not songs)
Lyrics training — Browse music videos while testing your knowledge of song lyrics in French, German, Spanish and more.
Word Reference — Good on-line dictionary for French, German, and Spanish


Anki — Electronic flashcards. Read why this "spaced reptition" approach helps you learn!
• Blog post about the importance of working your own imagination when learning language
Memrise — Another great way to learn vocabulary!



 • Audio resources -- Aswaat cArabiyya


Pitch Perfect Pinyin — Listening practice
Chinese Take-In — Listening practice 
Chinese Dialogue Podcasts — More listening practice 


• Latin Library — Extensive grammar reference 
• Latin Praxis  — Wheelock-linked exercises and explanations
• Latin Library — Collection of Latin texts
Athenaze — Athenaze Greek Drills
Ketos  — Ketos [κῆτος] Greek Drills
Ariadne — Resources for Athenaze



Tex's French Grammar — From the U. of Texas
A Vos Plumes — From the U. of Virginia
Language Guide — Includes vocabulary pronounced by native speakers


Grimm Grammar — From the U. of Texas
Leo — German-English dictionar
Language Guide — Includes vocabulary pronounced by native speakers


Spanish Grammar Strategies — From the U. of Minnesota
Spanish Proficiency Exercises — From the U. of Texas
Spanish Language and Culture — Practice exercises from Colby College
Language Guide — Includes vocabulary pronounced by native speakers


7 Billion Others
• Ted Talks
VOA Voice of America
BBC Learning English