International Student Support

The Language Resource Center has the central mission of supporting Valpo students pursing language studies in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.  Most programming and resources support language students of all levels and abilities -- both students taking a course for their language major as well as students taking a course to fulfill a general education requirement.  The LRC’s new facility is a inviting setting with a global focus where all Valpo language learners, including international students, can cultivate intercultural understanding and connections.  And so, a secondary goal is to support the growing community of international students pursuing proficiency in English.  Though the LRC does not providing writing assistance or other tutoring support to English language learners, the LRC aims to be a destination where international students can feel comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged by their American peers pursuing proficiency in a second language.  

Beyond providing a space with an international focus, the LRC offers academic support to international students through the English Conversation Partner Program which pairs US students with international students for one-on-one weekly conversation.