LRC - Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Most semesters the LRC coordinates study sessions for specific courses under the model of “Supplemental Instruction,” similar to the SI program coordinated by the Academic Success Center.  Any student enrolled in a participating course may attend any or all weekly study sessions.  Participation is not required but is rather the first level of support for students seeking academic support for these courses. 

SI sessions are led by one of the LRC language partners.  The language partner will regularly consult with the professor for guidance on what material should be reviewed in the study session.  Broadly speaking, the language partner will create the structure for you and your fellow students to study together.  Supplemental instruction is about “what to learn” but it is also concerned with “how to learn.”  At most study sessions the language partner will provide a specific language learning strategy related to the relevant content. 

Study sessions are not organized as lectures or as general question and answer sessions, but rather will be focused on specific content and guided by the language partner.  For most of each session the language partner will lead you through active learning tasks related to the relevant content.  However, the language partner will also make time to respond to your questions regarding other grammar items covered in your class.  In nearly all cases, the language partner will respond to questions and present practice activities in English.

If your professor has decided to request the formation of an SI study group, you will learn all the details in class.