German at Valpo: The First Step

How to Take the German Placement Exam 


The purpose of the German Placement Exam is to determine which German course you should take first at Valpo. The exam will place you into a specific Valpo German course. After completing the course you will earn academic credit for this course.  You must complete and pass this course in order to receive credit toward a German major or minor or toward a General Education language requirement.  After completing the course you may also earn extra credits (retroactive credit) for some of the courses you skipped over with a high placement score.

The use of outside assistance of any kind is prohibited when taking the German Placement Exam. This includes assistance obtained through electronic or other means such as websites, dictionaries, textbooks, other individuals, etc. It would be to your disadvantage to use outside assistance since doing so might place you into a higher class for which you would not be properly prepared. Moreover, using outside assistance would also be a violation of the Valparaiso University Honor Code: "I have neither given or received nor have I tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid."  

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Language Placement Exam.

STEP 1 - Enter the username and password

Username = webexam
Password = valpo383

STEP 2 - Indicate the REASON for taking the exam

Choose "Placement - Summer FOCUS"

STEP 3 - Complete the survey

When you complete the required survey on your previous language study, click on the START TEST button at the bottom of the screen to begin the exam.

STEP 4 - Take the exam

Once you complete the exam, you will have the option to review and change your answers to earlier questions by using the PREVIOUS button.  When you are ready to submit your exam, click on END EXAM at the bottom.

Please note:

You will learn what course you've placed into once you meet with your academic advisor during FOCUS.

This exam is for placement of incoming students who have completed German language courses at the high school level.

Begin the exam now:

Login with the username and password (see STEP 1 above)

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The first step is to take the German Placement Exam.

After reading through the steps on the left you will be ready to begin the German Placement Exam.