Language Placement Exams: FOCUS 2016

We study languages at Valpo!

Chris TJ Kat Melanie  Nathan

And the first step to studying a language at Valpo is to take the Language Placement Exam.

FOCUS 2016
students of Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish will take the Language Placement Exam on-line, before coming to campus for their FOCUS session.  Students will take the exam from home before June 1, 2016







1. The purpose of the Language Placement Exam is to determine which Valpo language course you should take. The exam will place you into a specific Valpo language course. After completing the course you will earn academic credit for this course.  After completing the course you may also earn extra credits (retroactive credit) for some of the courses you skipped over with a high placement score.

2. The use of outside assistance of any kind is prohibited when taking the Language Placement Exam. This includes assistance obtained through electronic or other means such as websites, dictionaries, textbooks, other individuals, etc. It would be to your disadvantage to use outside assistance since doing so might place you into a higher class for which you would not be properly prepared. Moreover, using outside assistance would also be a violation of the Valparaiso University Honor Code: "I have neither given or received nor have I tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid."  

3. More questions? 
Additional information about the Language Placement Exam is available.