Information about the Language Placement Exam

1 • Who should take the Language Placement Exam?

Any student who is thinking of studying a language previously studied in high school should take the exam, regardless of the language requirements for the student's chosen major.

2 • Can I get academic credit for taking the 
Language Placement Exam? 

No, but if you place high you may earn extra academic credit (retroactive credit) after taking and passing the course into which you placed.   

-- If you place into the third semester (203) and then take and pass the course, you will earn 4 credits for 203 and 4 additional retroactive credits for 102.

-- If you place into the fourth semester (204) or higher and then take and pass the course, you will earn 4 credits for the course and 8 additional retroactive credits for 102 and 203.

3 • May I take an exam in more than one language?


4 • May I take the exam more than once in a given language?  

Yes. We will look at any available scores when determining your placement.  We use your highest score when determining your placement. 

5 • May I use outside assistance when taking the exam?  

The use of outside assistance of any kind is prohibited when taking the placement exam. This includes assistance obtained through electronic or other means such as websites, dictionaries, textbooks, other individuals, etc. It would be to your disadvantage to use outside assistance since doing so might place you into a higher course for which you would not be properly prepared. Moreover, using outside assistance would also be a violation of the Valparaiso University Honor Code: "I have neither given or received nor have I tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid." 

6 • What if I plan to start a new language at Valpo?

If you plan to study a new language at Valpo (one that you did not study in high school), you do not need to take the exam for that language. You should consult with a faculty member within your major or the General Catalog to find out the General Education requirements for your degree program 

7 • I want to take a language class for elective credit (just for fun!) and not because my degree has a language requirement. Do I still need to take the exam?


8 • How can I find out if my major has a language requirement?

You should consult with a faculty member within your major to find out whether a language is required for your major.  When in doubt, go ahead and take the exam now just in case.  An overview of the university's General Education requirements is available.

9 • 
Is there a fee to take the exam? 


10 • What if I experience technical difficulties or have additional questions?  

Contact the exam administrator.