YMCA Valparaiso, Chile Exchange Program

Spend 8 -12 weeks in beautiful Valparaiso, Chile through our partnership with the Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes de Valparaiso.

Volunteer to work with children through after-school programs in leadership and community building at the Jorge Williams School. Enjoy food and lodging provided by the YMCA. 

Students must apply through the Office of International Programs.

A story from Valpo student Jessie Marie White.  Jessie Marie participated in the Valparaiso  study abroad program during fall 2006.

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JessieThis past summer I lived on the fifth floor of the YMCA in Valparaiso, Chile and served as an intern for the YMCA.  I spent my days teaching at Jorge Williams, a school sponsored by the YMCA, and my afternoons at a residencia which can be compared to a foster home.  Five other interns and I participated in various social programs and worked at the Jorge Williams as teaching assistants.  One of my fondest memories with the children that lived in the residencia was taking a field trip to the zoo.  We were each in charge of one or two kids, and it was amazing being able to spend all day hanging out and having fun while practicing Spanish at the same time.

On our off days, we spent time exploring Valparaiso.  We lived a few blocks from the ocean and in the heart of this small city.  Our program director at the YMCA, Juanma and Oscar, ensured that we see and understand everything about Valparaiso.  We had the opportunity to visit two of the famous poet, Pablo Neruda’s, homes and even climbed Machu Picchu in our last week there. 

I recommend that you take advantage of this experience.  I met amazing friends that I’m very close with, improved my Spanish, and learned from the culture and people of Chile."    -- Jessie Marie White