Examples of elective classes:

Contemporary Hispanic Society through Communications

Have fun as you explore the media in the Hispanic world. Learn different aspects of the history of radio, television, internet and other media and their impact in the Hispanic societies. Experience the music and different Latin rhythms along with the most popular singers/groups of various countries. Create a magazine or a newspaper as a final project for the class.

Business Spanish

Get ready for a career in business in Spanish learning the customs and commerce language in detail with great emphasis in the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking countries. Contribute to the class with your insight in students’ presentations and debates on very diverse aspects of those countries. In this class you will be able to create your own company in a given Spanish-speaking country and develop it following a real process with real materials, focusing on the Spanish business language and the richness of their people.

Spanish for Service Professionals

Don’t miss this class if you are preparing to work in a service profession like medicine, education, church work, social work, psychology, international service, pre-law, etc. You Participate in a seminar-type class: learning about cross-cultural communication, gaining an expanded understanding of the challenges faced by recent immigrants who are Spanish speaking from different professional perspectives, hearing first hand from professionals in the field about how being bilingual and bicultural enhances your ability to work with your patients/students/clients, and expanding both your discipline-related vocabulary and discipline-specific content knowledge in relevant service fields. Interview a bilingual professional from your area as part of your research project.


Explore the roots of the Spanish language and practice the phonetics of the language by learning, understanding and identifying the various dialects of the Spanish language in different countries. Learn to differentiate between different accents as you interview native speakers as part of a final project.

Latin American through the Arts (topics seminar)

Explore a series of themes in Latin American culture through the lens of the visual arts: painting, printmaking, sculpture, installations, videos, performances and more. Learn about artistic manifestations of the Christian faith, representations of indigenous and African-descended communities, expressions of femininity and feminism, treatments of social justice, and the diverse themes and techniques employed by U.S. Hispanic artists. Delve into the creative processes of artists from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the U.S. as you collaborate with classmates to create temporary murals, play the surrealist game known as “Exquisite Corpse” and participate in the creation of an installation in the style of the Chicano artist Gronk.

Advanced Grammar (topics seminar)

Improve your command and skills in the target language, and practice in advanced level verbal tenses, modes, prepositions and other grammar aspects of the language. Use your grammar skills to take part in debates on contemporary issues in the Hispanic world.

Artistic and Literary Re-Visions of the Spanish Civil War (topics seminar)

Experience the cruelty of a war through the eyes of literature and the arts. Be a witness of how poets, play writers, novel writers, film makers, painters, and children have faced the disorder and chaos of this war. Learn more about Spanish artistic history by studying a novel, a play, poetry, movies, paintings such Picasso, and children’s drawings.

Spanish catalog : descriptions of all Spanish classes.