Letras 3
Spring 2010
Letras 2
Spring 2009
Letras 1
Spring 2008
Letras  is the space where you, dear Valpo Spanish student, can write your creative literary writings in Spanish.

If you are currently taking FLS 204 or higher, you can contribute to Letras  with a poem in Spanish. There is a new number each semester dedicated to a consecutive letter of the alphabet, letter that coincides with the first letter of the last name of a Spanish-writing author from any of the 21 countries where Spanish is spoken as official language.

This letter introduces also the topic for the following semester, so if you want to leave free your just born literary inspiration in Spanish, check always the last number to see what will be the next topic to write about!

The sections are as follows:

“Prolegómenos”, introduction to the number.
“Prólogo”, presentation and dedication to the writer of the semester, with a brief note of his or her life and production.
“Fragmentos”, where we offer a fragment of one of this author’s works in which the topic of the number is treated.
“Efemérides”, where we gather some of the main news of the last six months on literature in Spanish.
“El rincón del estudiante” (The student corner), where you are the main figure, where the fruits of your literary imagination appear.

We, Letras, hope that we can count on your contribution very soon, so that with all our creative effort, we can keep alive the flame of the poetry!

For more information, or to contribute with a poem, please, contact Professor Carlos Miguel-Pueyo