ChichenItzaPuebla, Mexico

Spend a semester or a year at the Universidad de las Américas in picturesque Puebla, Mexico.

Take classes in language, literature, business, and civilization, or choose courses from the regular UDLA curriculum (for advanced students only). Learn by serving through service learning opportunities. Socialize with other students in the UDLA’s modern dormitories.

Students must apply through the Office of International Programs.

A story from Valpo student Richard Mitchell.  Richard participated in the Puebla  study abroad program during spring 2008.

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"The experience of UDLA and San Andreas is different for each person.  The area offers the most traditional aspects of old Mexico and, simultaneously, the most modern aspects of a new economy, like that of Puebla, its neighbor.  One's experience in San Andreas, Cholula, is whatever you choose to make it.  In my case, it was an incredible opportunity to meet wonderful people and experience a different culture in ways you simply cannot do here in the United States.  Your Spanish will improve if you spend a semester abroad; you're mind and heart will improve many, many times more.  This is simply an experience you can't have someone else tell you about.  You have to experience it yourself."  ~ Richard Mitchell