AlhambraGranada, Spain

Spend a semester or a full year at the Center for Modern Languages in beautiful Granada in the heart of Andalucía, Spain.

Choose from a variety of exciting classes including business, civilization, culture, economics, history, geography, literature and translation. Benefit from a wide range of service learning and internship opportunities. Live with a family or get to know other students by living in a family-run student residence.

Students must apply through the Office of International Programs.

A story from Valpo student Brittany Bowers.  Britany participated in the Granada study abroad program during fall 2006.

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BrittanyI loved living in Granada, Spain! What affected me the most was the rich culture of the city. I loved how tiny and quaint the city felt with its narrow, winding streets. The night life was nothing to complain about either... there was always friends to hang out with, a bar to go to, tea to drink, and tapas to eat! My favorite part of Granada was the Alhambra. I loved learning about the history of the city and a large part of that was its time under Arabic rule. To this day you can still see the influences of that culture. The Alhambra is such a beautiful sight, I would stand and look at it in awe if I was walking by it. Also, I loved the Cathedral of Granada. It is so massive! And all around it there are little Arabic shops run mostly by people from Morocco. They would always have such beautiful items, such as tea sets, scarfs, bags, etc. I loved just listening to music and looking around these shops on a sunny day. Another great part of being in Spain was the traveling I got to do. The Central College program is amazing! We had the chance to travel to Toledo, Segovia, Madrid, Ronda, Cordoba, and Sevilla with the program. It was a wonderful way to get to know the country. On the side, I traveled to Barcelona and Valencia with some friends. I also had the opportunity to go to Morocco for four days with a program offered at our school. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life. It was awkward because the official languages there are French and Arabic, and I don't know either of those languages. It is beautiful over there and the people are so friendly. It also broke a lot of stereotypes for me. In December I went to Ireland with some friends, and it was gorgeous as well! It was quite the shock to hear English all around me though. I would highly recommend the Granada, Spain program. I made all kinds of new friends, learned more Spanish, and traveled a lot. It's the experience of a lifetime and I will never forget it. Gracias a la Universidad de Valparaiso!"  ~ Brittany Bowers