Story from Valpo student Amy Liakopoulos.
Amy participated in the Granada study abroad program during fall semester 2008.

"Studying abroad in Granada, Spain has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my academic career. As a result of being in direct and constant contact with the Spanish language and culture, my language skills improved immensely and concepts previously studied in the classroom were brought to life. The classes that I took at the Center of Modern Languages and the University of Granada challenged me like never before and provided me with the opportunity to study a variety of subjects that ranged from Spanish History to Contrastive Linguistics.  In addition to academic coursework, I was able to visit several of Spain’s most historic sites and come into contact with people from all over the world. Participating in Valparaiso University’s study abroad program in Granada, Spain has been both an honor and a privilege, and I will be forever grateful for having had this invaluable opportunity and experience. Muchísimas gracias!" ~ Amy Liakopoulos

Story from Valpo student Bonnie Kean.
Bonnie participated in the Granada study abroad program during fall semester 2007. "

Studying abroad in Granada, Spain, was probably the single most valuable learning experience that I have had during my time at Valparaiso University.  Living with a host family and taking classes at the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn about Spanish life and culture.  Taking trips with my study abroad program allowed me to see and experience things that I was only able to read about before.  Being forced to speak Spanish every day in class, with my host family, and around the city helped me to develop more confidence and proficiency with my foreign language abilities.  Having class four days a week allowed an ample amount of time during the semester to travel throughout Spain, as well as to visit Germany, Italy, France, and Morocco.  Experiencing many new and sometimes uncomfortable situations helped me to learn more about myself as a person.  If any students are considering study abroad in general or the Granada program in particular, I strongly recommend it.  It is an experience unlike any other that you will have during your college career."  ~ Bonnie Kean

Story from Valpo student Barrett Ludy.
Barrett participated in the Granada study abroad program during fall semester 2006.

"Granada, Spain is a place where the day starts at night. After the end of siesta, my friends and I would wander the streets searching for tapas (which I might add were free!) and ultimately ending up talking with other American students or with natives of Granada. Everyone in Granada is willing to talk if you make the effort to speak with them in Spanish. Apart from its vibrant nightlife, Granada is a beautiful city with a history stretching back to pre-Visigothic Spain.

On the weekends, if you're tired of staying in the city, you can always catch a bus in to the Alpujarras. From there, you can climb a trail up the tallest mountain in continental Spain and stay in a tefuge on your way back down. My friends and I did this a couple times and each time we were amazed by the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas mountainscape.

Don't be worried if you think that the only language you can study in Spain is Spanish. At the Centro de Lenguas Modernas, they made arrangements so that I could study Arabic (which is valuable in Andalusia as a large minority of people speak Arabic as their native language). The teachers as the Centro are great and they will work with you on any problems that you have for any classes that you're taking.

Veronica, the program director, helps you as needed, but she does believe there are some things that you should be able to do on your own, so if she thinks that you can handle yourself in a given situation, she will let you handle yourself. All in all, the program was a wonderful experience, one I will remember for the rest of my life." ~ Barrett Ludy