Spanish House


Live in La casa española and get ready for language immersion right here on campus!

The Spanish House is located in the “World Language Village” wing of Wehrenberg Hall, home to the French House as well as incoming exchange students from many other countries.

¿Te interesa? 

• General information sheet (pdf)
• 2012 Application (coming later in the fall
• 2012 Letter of reference form (coming later in the fall)
• Details on Wehrenberg Hall
Living in the Spanish House means that you'll:

• Speak Spanish in an intentional immersion environment.
• Prepare and share evening meals with fellow residents.
• Interact with the native-speaker Program Assistant.
• Participate in Spanish-related cultural activities on campus.
• Talk in Spanish with the native-speaker PA and fellow residents.
• Prepare yourself for study abroad in Spain, Mexico, or Chile.
• Come to la Casa to meet native-speakers on campus.