Funding Priorities

Scholarships to Support Students of Promise $120,000,000
Named full-tuition scholarship $850,000
Named Division I athletics scholarship $850,000
Named half-tuition scholarship $425,000
Named endowed scholarship $100,000 – $400,000
Named endowed emergency scholarship fund $100,000 – $400,000
Named endowed scholarship for off-campus study $100,000
Named endowed internship support scholarship $100,000
Named endowed summer research or creative activity scholarship $50,000
Supporting and Shaping the Faculty of the Future $45,000,000
Named dean of a college or school $5,000,000
Named endowed Cambridge Program fund $5,000,000
Named endowed chair $3,000,000
Named endowed professorship $1,000,000
Named endowed distinguished visiting professor or guest artist $1,000,000
Named endowed faculty-student research fellowship $750,000
Named endowed executive-in-residence for college $500,000
Named endowed visiting lecturer $500,000
Named endowed lecture series for school or college $500,000
Named faculty fellowship $250,000
Named faculty development award $100,000
Named faculty teaching and learning innovation award $100,000
Preparing All Students to Lead and Serve $20,000,000
The Institute for Leadership and Service
Named endowed director Funded $3,000,000
Named endowed CAPS Fellows Program $1,000,000
Named endowed “Pathways to Purpose” lecture program $500,000
Named endowed program funds $100,000
Named endowed fund for innovation in leadership curricula $100,000
The Philanthropy Program
Named endowed director Funded $2,000,000
Experiential Opportunities
Named endowed program funds for Entrepreneurship Center $100,000
Named endowed program funds for Law School clinic and externships $100,000
Named need-based scholarships for students to study and serve off-campus for undergraduate research, Study Abroad, internships, service trips, cooperative education, and creative activity $100,000
Named endowed fund for nonprofit internships $50,000
The Writing Program
Named endowed director $3,000,000
Named endowed program for faculty development in writing Funded $1,000,000
Named endowed program funds for comprehensive undergraduate writing program and Law School’s legal writing program $100,000
Core, Christ College, and Capstone Experiences
Named endowed director of Core program $1,000,000
Named endowed senior scholar for Core program $1,000,000
Named endowed funds for guest scholars, lecturers, artists, and senior Capstone Experiences $100,000
Support for Unrestricted Endowment $20,000,000
General Endowment Funds $100,000 – $1,000,000
Annual Giving Priorities $25,000,000
Annual recurring gifts in support of all students, faculty members, schools and colleges, and programs
Valpo Fund
Crusader Fund
Deans’ Fund (Arts and Sciences, Business, Christ College, Engineering, Law, and Nursing and Health Professions)
Support for Campus Facilities Prioritized in the Strategic Plan Funded $20,000,000
Restoration and expansion of Chapel of the Resurrection $15,000,000
Naming of campus Welcome Center $5,000,000
Construction of a new track $1,000,000
TOTAL $250,000,000