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           CIVU Successfully Holds 2016 Students Group China Exploration Trip


On April 3rd Beijing time, CIVU outreach school students and some parents and teachers—a total of 15 people—arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, starting their Feel China, Explore China Cultural-Experience Trip. The duration of the trip was 9 days. Group members visited three cities: Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.


In Beijing, they climbed up the Great Wall, went sightseeing in the Forbidden City, and also visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters. In the Cultural Experience Center, located at the Headquarters, they wore Peking Opera costumes, played the Bianzhong (a traditional Chinese instrument consisting of bronze chimes), practiced the art of Chinese Calligraphy, and made paper cuttings. Everyone had a wonderful time.






After visiting the vast and majestic city of Beijing, the group visited the beautiful mid-sized city of Hangzhou, and the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Both cities left a deep impression on everyone. In addition to the charming scenery, what impressed them most was the interaction with Chinese college students and middle-school students. They learned to play the Guzheng (a Chinese Zither-like instrument), how to paint in the traditional Chinese style from the students of the Foreign Studies College at Zhejiang University of Technology. They also observed the classes at Hangzhou Guancheng Middle School, studied English with the students, and learned Taiji (Tai-Chi). Students from China and America were like old friends meeting each other again within only half an hour!




Through their adventures in China, every American student, parent and teacher gained a better understanding of life in modern China. It sows the seeds of friendship between the students from both countries, and sets up a bridge of friendly communication. Every American student began to deeply appreciate China, the peaceful, developing and friendly country. They all said, “China, we will come back!”