ReVU Spring 2015 Calendar of Events

Date  Time Event and Location
January 28 9:00 am

Reading from Karl Lutze's new book 

 Brown and Gold Room, Harre Union

February 10 1:30 pm

ReVU Film: "Ratatouille"  

 Harre Union Ballroom A

February 11 12:00 pm

Winter Potluck 

 Christ College Refectory

February 19 10:00 am

Attend Chicago Symphony Orchestra Dress Rehearsal

February 25 9:00 am

ReVU Program: 'Phil Potempa on America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford'

CCLIR Community Room

March 10 1:30 pm

 ReVU Film ( TBA)

Harre Union Ballroom A

March 25 9:00 am

ReVU Program (TBA)

Harre Union Brown and Gold Room

April 21 1:30 PM

ReVU Film "Chef"

Harre Union Ballroom A

 April 29  9:00 am

ReVU Program: 'Barbara Miller - Famous Art Works in Cross Stitch'

Harre Union Ballroom A 

 May 13  12:00 pm

ReVU Luncheon Honoring New Retirees

Harre Union Ballroom A 

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