Selected Significant Events

Selected Significant Events

1926 Alfred Meyer joins the VU faculty teaching Physiography, Zoology, and Geology.

1931 Department of Geography and Geology founded.

1944 Erwin Buls joins the VU faculty.

1947 John Strietelmeier joins the VU faculty.

1950 William Kowitz joins the VU faculty. Alpha Xi Chapter of GTU established at VU.

1957 Ferencz Kallay joins the VU faculty.

1959 VU hosts joint East Lakes AAG Regional Meeting.

1961 Enrollments in geography courses totaled 1,385 students.

1963 Alfred Meyer and John Strietelmeier publish Geography in World Society.

1965 Alice Rechlin joins the VU faculty.

1966 VU hosts National Defense Education Act Summer Institute in Geography for teachers grades 7-12.

1975 Alfred Meyer retires.

1977 VU hosts West Lakes AAG Regional Meeting. Alice Rechlin elected president of Gamma Theta Upsilon.

1991 Department renamed Geography and Meteorology with the additon of a B. S. degree option in meteorology.

1996 VU hosts joint West Lakes/East Lakes AAG Regional Meeting.

2003 Construction begins on new building for Geography and Meteorology.

2005 Kallay-Christopher Hall Dedicated

Notable Visitors

Norman J. G. Pounds addresses VU students oOver the years, VU has hosted a number of prominent geographers. Scores visited the University through the three AAG regional meetings held here in 1959, 1977, and 1996. Others came to campus as guest speakers, including Paul Wheatley, David Harvey, Risa Palm, Duane Nellis, and Thomas Barton. Here, Norman J. G. Pounds addresses VU students on "divided Germany" in 1962.

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