American Indian Studies Minor

American Indian Studies Minor.

American Indian Studies Minor. A minimum of 16 credit hours is required for the minor and must include at least one 100-level geography course and at least six credit hours from the following courses:

  • GEO 200. American Ethnic Geography.
  • GEO 274. North American Indian on Film
  • GEO 490/590. Selected Topics in Geography.

and six additional credit hours selected from

  • GEO 385/585. Field Study
  • GEO 474/574. Historical Geography of the United States
  • GEO 486. Internship in Geography.

See the Geography Courses Page for course descriptions.

The American Indian Studies Minor affords students with an interest in Indian issues and culture the opportunity to study the historical geography, anthropology, and contemporary problems of a wide range of tribal groups. Of special concern within the minor are the changing perceptions of Indians in our society and the current socio-economic challenges these groups face.

Perhaps the most appealing aspects of the minor are the field components: field study opportunities to Mississippi Mound sites, Plains battlesites, and Southwest historic sites and internship placements on any of several Indian reservations in Wisconsin. For more information, contact Prof. Ronald Janke or see the Field Courses page.



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