American Ethnic Geography

A Selected Bibliography of the
Ethnic and Cultural Geography of the
United States and Canada

Comments About this Bibliography

The literature in English on American ethnic groups and their cultural characteristics is truly voluminous. No one bibliography contains every available source, this one included. What this means is that there are many sources beyond what is listed in the pages that follow. This bibliography is only a beginning, so do not hesitate to dig deeper.

This bibliography does, however, contain most of the major secondary sources prepared by geographers or which have appeared in geographical publications. So, since this is a geography course, any research for the term paper should begin here. While you may use additional sources, any term paper which does not contain references to the relevant geographical literature will receive a lower grade.

Some of the sources cited in this bibliography may be found in Moellering Library, especially those in the main geography journals, like Annals of the Association of American Geographers and Geographical Review. Other sources, however, are not held by Moellering Library. This is especially true of many specialized journals and periodicals. This is not an excuse for ignoring this literature. With planning and forethought, sources unavailable on campus can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan . . . and should be. Remember, neglecting these important sources, though they may take extra effort to acquire, will result in a lower term paper grade.

This bibliography was compiled from a wide variety of sources, some of which contained only partial bibliographic information. Because of this, some of the references do not have a complete listing. There should, nevertheless, be enough information for you to locate and acquire any source. However, once you have obtained a source, you are to include the complete bibliographic citation at the end of your paper, regardless of its completeness here.

Finally, this bibliography also contains a list of suitable atlases from which you may draw the map to accompany your term paper. In some cases it will not be necessary to consult an atlas, as many of the books and articles listed in the bibliography themselves contain excellent maps. Just remember that if you are having difficulty finding a good map for your subject, you may find one in one of these atlases. If you use an atlas, be sure to list it as a source in your bibliography.

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