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Maps Related to Politics in the United States

Given the democratic structure of the United States, there is ample political data demonstrating regional patterns and variations in this country. Some of these data exists in the form of election returns and voter turnout results. Others occur in the form of regulations and policies that extend over political jurisdictions, such as capital punishment. Analyzing a variety of political patterns, there is evidence of durable political regions. Some of these patterns are evident in the maps below, which are in GIF format.

  Presidential Election, 2004 [PDF]

Political Regions

Death Penalty


Death Row Inmates

Minimum Age

Presidential Election, 2000

Voter Participation, 2000




  Asians and Pacific Islanders

The Census Bureau has also prepared a Current Population Report on voting in the United States. This document is in PDF format.

Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2000

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