GEO 466/566: The Profession of Geography

Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Ritter

The end of geography's ancient period, and indeed the beginning of the modern era, came in the mid-1800s with the work of two men:

They were both incredible scholars in the classical sense.

Alexander von Humboldt

The first of these two scholars—Alexander von Humboldt—was a major individual in the history of geography

Travels in America

The travels of von Humboldt and Bonpland were some of the most remarkable— and important—in history

Travels in Russia

Von Humboldt's travels were not limited to Europe and the Americas; he also travelled widely in Russia.

The Kosmos

In the last years of his life, von Humboldt wrote the work he is probably most famous for—The Kosmos.

Carl Ritter

Another great scholar of that very same age was Carl Ritter.


Views of geography:

Die Erdkunde

The culmination of Ritter's work was Die Erdkunde.

Observations on Ritter

To make some observations of Ritter's work, we can say that:

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