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Communication and Geography examines how existing and emerging telecommunications technologies are transforming places and spaces across the globe. Are virtual communities replacing or enhancing geographical communities? What does a map of cyberspace look like? Where exactly are you when you are in cyberspace? Exploring and mapping the emerging geographies of cyberspace through class discussion and virtual field trips will be main focus of our attention. We will also discuss the geography of the telegraph, the telephone, newspapers, and television. The course considers the landscapes of everyday virtual realities in video games and the everyday real virtualities of places like Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Times Square. Finally the course explores ideals of electronic democracy, the creation of online public spaces, and the role of communications media in globalization.

What's New?

11/16/04 The Web raising is on December 2! The schedule of readings has been changed appropriately.

11/1/04 Virtual Field Trip 6 Political Geography on the Net has been posted.

10/28/04 I have updated links to readings for next tuesday on the schedule page. I have also posted a wayfinding exercise for today.

10/25/04 Virtual Field Trip 5 on Mapping Cyberspace is up. I also posted the Mapping A Web Site instructions.

10/5/04 I have posted an information sheet on the final project.

9/30/04 I have posted Virtual Field Trip 4 on Non-Profit Organizaitons on the Web.

9/20/04 Virtual Field Trip 3 on Communiy Networks is up.

9/7/04 I have posted the rules for the Time Space Compression Olympics. I have also uploaded an evaluation form that you will use to evaluate the home pages of two of your classmates. More details will be provided in class.

9/6/04 The Townsend article link is fixed. Be sure to read it for tomorrow. Don't forget to bring a cell phone if you have one.

9/2/04 I have added some links on undersea cables to the links page and updated the schedule with a more realistic reading load for today and thursday.

8/31/04 The assignment sheet for constructing your personal web page has been posted.

8/26/04 Today's Virtual Field Trip on the spaces of the internet has been posted.

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