Geography B.S. Internships and Careers


A broad range of internship opportunities exist for Geography B.S.  students. Many of the best options rest with federal government agencies, including the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Park Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Weather Service. State government agencies, including geological survey and environmental/resource management divisions, also offer a number of internship possibilities. See the Geography Careers and Internships page for additional information on relevant internship opportunities.

Great, so how do I get one? Here are some tips to securing a good internship. First, you need to take the initiative. You can certainly rely on faculty members, fellow students, and the Career Center staff to help you, but ultimately you have to locate and apply for the internship you want. That said, you should also consult with your advisor or other geography faculty members. Lastly, explore the on-line resources on careers and internships located on the Geography Careers and Internships page.  So browse the web, visit the Career Center, talk to your professors, and take some ownership in this process. An internship has great potential to jump-start a career, and isn't that what you want?


Students completing the major may go on to careers in environmental management, natural disaster preparation and recovery, emergency management, science education, and geospatial technology, or graduate school in geoscience, physical geography, or geology.