Geology Courses
Association students at Valparaiso University are expected to complete satisfactorily the following curriculum from course offering at Valparaiso University and Association offerings at Indiana University Northwest in order to complete the major in geology. Degrees are awarded by the home institution.

MET 103 Meteorology (VU) 4 Cr.

GEO 104 Geomorphology (VU) 4 Cr.

G-209 History of the Earth (IUN) 3 Cr.

G-221 Introductory Mineralogy (IUN) 4 Cr.

G-222 Introductory Petrology (IUN) 3 Cr.

G-323 Structural Geology (IUN) 3

Cr. G-334 Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (IUN) 3 Cr.

G-406 Introduction to Geochemistry (IUN) 3 Cr.

G-420 Regional Geology Field Trip (IUN) 1-3 Cr.

G-435 Glacial and Quaternary Geology (IUN) 3 Cr.

G-490 Undergraduate Seminar (IUN) 1-2 Cr.

Additional Indiana University course offerings open to Valparaiso University students majoring in geology are G-410 and G-413. See the IUN catalog.



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