Revision History of this VGD Working Group Page

The rough mock-ups of this page were created by Kenneth E. Foote on 8 June 1996 at the initial Virtual Geography Department Workshop in Austin, Texas. This version of the page contained the rough layout and design as it appears today.

Following the workshop, the page was further revised and modified by Shannon L. Crum on 24 June 1996. The key changes included simplifying and tightening the overall design and adding the banner graphic.

As the working groups that formed at the workshop started to transfer their respective pages to servers across the country, this page was further revised by Jon T. Kilpinen on 20 October 1996. Only slight changes occurred at this time to the original page, though several new files were created within the site and most of the links were updated.

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Last revised 20 October 1996 by JTK.