Geography and Environmental Science Career and Internship Night

Geography and Environmental Science students not only want to make a difference in the world, they are making a difference through their internships. The diversity of potential careers that Valparaiso University's Geography and Environmental Science programs prepare students for will be on display at the 2012 Geography and Environmental Science Career and Internship Night. Students who have completed or are in the midst of an internship will be giving short presentations on their internships.  Come to find answers to the following questions:

  • What kinds of internships and careers are available to me as a geography or environmental science student?
  • How can I find an internship?
  • How can I apply the skills I have acquired in the classroom in a real-world situation?
  • What skills can I learn from an internship experience that are difficult to learn in a classroom?
  • How can I convert an internship into a career?
  • How can I leverage my love for geography or environmental science into a career that makes a difference in the world?

The keynote speaker for Internship Night 2012 will be Taylor Wegrzyn, a spring 2012 graduate of Valparaiso University whose internship with the City of Valparaiso's Department of Planning led to his current position as Assistant City Planner.  In addition to city planning students have completed internships working as park rangers, in the tourism industry, in environmental research and conservation, and in research involving geographic information systems (GIS).

For a complete list of students presenting see the 2012 Geography and Environmental Science Internship Talks Program Flyer [pdf]