Kallay-Christopher Hall Photos

Below are selected photos of the completed Kallay-Christopher Hall. There is much more to see than what we can show here. Stop by sometime for a visit.

KCH in the fog

Kallay-Christopher Hall on a foggy morning.

The Wavy Wall in the Lobby

The wavy wall in the lobby looking toward the department office.

The Lobby

The lobby provides a sunny and inviting place for students to sit and chat.

Lobby Tables

Tables in the lobby provide a place to meet or study.

Department office

The department office on the first floor.

general classroom

The general classroom has comfortable chairs that can be easily rearranged to facilitate discussions or working in small groups.

windows in the wavy wall

One can observe what is going on in the downstairs lab room through these windows in the wavy wall.

conference room

The downstairs conference room.

Downstairs Lab

The downstairs lab classroom features wide tables that students can use to examine maps or gather around in groups.

Weather Center

The new Weather Center features state of the art computers and expansive windows.

Weather Observation Deck

The weather observation deck.

faculty offices

The area outside the faculty offices encourages collaboration and communication among faculty and students.

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