VUSIT Christmas Banquet Photos

On December 5, 2003 VUSIT gathered for its annual Chirstmas Banquet. After dinner, students and faculty entertained the crowd with skits. The skits involved annoying frisbee players' unfortunate encounter with Doppler radar, a bachelor's undying love for a Doppler radar, and a physicist who sees the truth that is meteorology. After the skits the group sang the traditional meteorology carols. The night finshed with everyone dancing up a storm.

The Freshmen

The Sophomores

The Juniors

The Seniors

VUSIT Banquet organizers Ashley, Vanessa, and Jolene

The Bachelor joins his dates in the car!

The Bachelor proposes his everlasting love to the Doppler

The Faculty Skit


Sam the Doppler Dancing Man!




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