How do I apply to live in the German House?

Zach Nelson, Steffi Merk, Bianca Bade and Clara Ullrich in the German House. 1.  Take a tour of the residential section of the Kade-Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center (upstairs).  If you're not yet a Valpo student, ask your Admissions Counselor to add a tour of the German House to your Visit Day schedule. If you're already in a German class, just stop by the German House and ask the Student Building Manager to take you upstairs and show you around.

2.  Come to the annual information meeting in December; you'll hear about the meeting in your German class.  

3.  Complete the application form in January.  It has four sections: a basic facts and figures form, an essay that explains why you wish to live in the German House, a copy of your transcript and an R.A. recommendation form.

The application is due in late January; students will be informed of their selection status before regular room selection begins.