Frequently Asked Questions

Steffi Merk, Jake Stefan, Zach Nelson and Clara Ullrich in the German HouseWho can live in the German House?

 Any Valpo sophmore, junior or senior who has taken German 204 or the equivalent can live in the German House. Applications are submitted in January the year before you want to live in the house (right before the regular Room Selection process in March).

How long can I live in the German House? 
German House residents that want to live in the building for more than one year simply reapply.

I'll be abroad for part of the year. Can I apply for just one semester?

Yes. Students who are studying abroad are especially encouraged to apply to live in the German House -- either in preparation for their time abroad or as a way of easing back into American campus life.  There is space on the application form for you to indicate your intent to apply for the fall or the spring semester only.

What happens if I apply to live in the German House but am not selected?

Space in the German House is limited to 13 students, one of whom is an RA; this means that not every applicant can always be accommodated. Applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff, and selections are made based on language ability and willingness to participate in communal life. Seniority and gender balance may also be considered. Applicants are informed whether or not they have been selected well in advance of the campus-wide room selection process so that students who are not selected to live in the German House have time to find a roommate and join the regular room selection process at no disadvantage.

Who is the Resident Assistant?

Each year there is a new resident assistant. The RA is normally an exchange student from Tübingen who takes regular Valpo courses while serving also as RA at the German House.


What are the rooms like?

The rooms in the German House are singles and doubles within same-gender suites.  Each suite has its own bathroom so that only two, three, or four students share a bathroom.  Each suite has moveable furniture -- beds that can be bunked, wardrobes, dressers, desks and study chairs; wiring for cable television; wiring for computer connections and WiFi internet access; and access to the balconies that run the length of the house.

Click here to view the floor plan!


What are the shared areas of the German House like?

The shared areas of the German House include a living room with fireplace, comfortable seating, and a large table for communal meals; a large kitchen; a TV lounge with German (and American) television; a study room with university computers and free printing; a laundry room; and a guest restroom. For students who have cars on campus there is a small parking lot available in front of the house.


What makes the German House different from the other residence halls?

There are two main differences.  First, German House residents pledge to speak only German in the public areas of the house. Second, residents share meal planning and preparation on weekday evenings, Sunday through Thursday.  This shared mealtime (and planning time for it) is the main time period for community interaction in German.


Are there any on-campus jobs associated with living in the German House?

Yes.  German House residents may apply for positions as Student Building Managers in the Cultural Center downstairs and as teachers in the "Kinder lernen Deutsch" program. Other German-related jobs on campus include student aides for faculty members, Language Partners in the Language Resource Center and teachers in the after-school "Bridges" program for fourth and fifth graders.


What does it cost to live in the German House?

In the 2011/2012 academic year the charge is $6,468 per year for a double room and $9,702 per year for a single room. Compare this to other upperclassman housing options: Guild/Memorial/Wehrenberg - $6,240 per year for a double; Uptown East Apartments- $8,100 per year for a private bedroom and bath. 


Do I have to purchase a full-price meal card?  After all, we are doing our own cooking four nights each week.

No, your meal card buy-in is at a lower rate.  In the 2012/2013 academic year the charge is $550 per semester; seniors are not required to purchase a meal card.