Heidi Bergmann
(Chemistry and Biology majors; junior)

Heidi wants to keep up the German she learned from her mother and maternal grandparents.

Elizabeth Dickmeyer (German and IECA majors; senior)

Elizabeth is coping with reverse culture shock after her year in Tübingen.

Paul Friesen-Carper
(Music and English majors; sophomore)

hopes to keep his German fresh by living in the German House and by participating in a semester abroad sometime in the future.  

Christoph Graewert (International Business; senior)

Chris grew up in Augsburg, and as a native speaker of German serves as Resident Assistant.

Samantha Han (International Business; sophomore)

Sam is looking forward to study abroad in Germany.  Spring semester resident.


Valerie Kirk (IECA major)

Val studies French language and culture in the IECA major, but her desire also to learn German (which she has been doing on campus and in Reutlingen) prompted her to live in the German House.

Adam Lohrmann (Exploratory; sophomore)

Adam will live in the German House during the fall semester and then head for Reutlingen in the spring, where he hopes to find a major.

Janice Mulholland (German and Psychology; junior)

Janice is returning from a co-operative education placement in the International Student Office at the Fachhochschule in Reutlingen; we hope she is ready to get back to her German and Psychology studies!

David Ramirez (Exploratory;

David tells his friends that he is "pledging" the German House in preparation for a year in Tübingen.

Julie Scheetz (German major; senior)

Julie is a German major and "non-traditional" student. Only the prospect of living in the German House lured her to on-campus housing!

Steve Warrick (German and International Business; sophomore)

Steve has spent several summers in Germany and plans to return for his junior year in Tübingen.

Judith Welling (Philosophy and Psychologoy majors)

J.J. will live in the German House during the fall semester only before leaving for a study abroad experience in the spring. She is majoring in Philosophy and Psychology.


Jacki Wiesehan (Biology, Chemistry, and German majors; junior)

Jacki has already devoted a full year of her life to study abroad as a high school student.