Spirit of Valpo Challenge Surpasses Goal

Thanks to the generosity of Leslie (Hallman ’77) and Tim Paul ’76, the Spirit of Valpo Challenge became a reality. And thanks to the generosity of so many Valparaiso University alumni and friends, the yearlong initiative has been a remarkable success.

We have surpassed our goal of reaching 2,500 new donors. And this extraordinary response to the Spirit Challenge played a lead role in our increasing alumni participation rate.

Leslie and Tim contributed $100 for the first 2,500 new donors to the Valpo Fund from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. A $10 gift became $110; a $25 gift became $125; a $50 gift became $150; and so on. Total effort generated more than more than $530,000 in additional support for Valpo’s students.

Whether you were a new donor this year or one who has given time and again, thank you for joining the Pauls and the University community as we provide the necessary support to attract the highest quality students and to provide them with engagement opportunities around the globe.

Group Name Challenge Donor Progress
Goal Amount Requested 2,500
Current Amount Raised 2563
Challenge Progress
Our Goal 0
Donors so far 0

The Pauls’ support and leadership during the Spirit of Valpo Challenge was integral in helping us meet our goals. We are grateful for their ongoing engagement and humbled by their lasting commitment to the University.

Tim retired after working for 22 years in the field of communications engineering. At QUALCOMM, he retired as a vice president of engineering, and was part of the team that developed a cellular phone standard based on CDMA technology. Leslie was a staff nurse at Green Hospital Scripps Clinic for 13 years, serving in various positions, including clinical nurse instructor. She was instrumental in partnering with the dean of Valpo’s College of Nursing to create the Virtual Nursing Learning Center.

Thank you, and please continue to show your spirit!