Strategic Priorities

Preparing our young people for the challenges they will face in the future must be our first priority.

Global changes continue to impact our society and our local community. To fulfill our mission and our responsibility to our students, Valparaiso University must provide a cutting-edge learning environment that is equipped with the latest in technology, programs, and facilities to connect our campus to the world. Today’s graduates require a well-rounded education with a skill set for the 21st Century – critical thinking, a focus on innovation, flexibility, curiosity, and the ability to participate as effective and articulate leaders of interdisciplinary teams – all grounded in an ethical, values-based view of themselves and the world. Gifts to Valparaiso University that may be directed to areas of greatest need provide critically needed resources to enhance the campus environment and respond to innovative opportunities.

  • Earnings from the endowment support the University’s annual operating expenses. Unrestricted gifts provide additional funding for essential student, faculty, and program support across campus.
  • Unrestricted funds supply urgently needed financial aid for students who need an extra measure of support to complete their degree.
  • Augment essential library collections that support the curriculum.
  • Emergency financial aid funds to assist students who are faced with family financial crises.
  • Funding for critically needed upgrades to facilities and technology that directly impact the student learning environment.
Gifts to the Valpo Fund provide the financial flexibility needed to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities that the University encounters each year. Responsible fiscal management of vitally needed gifts of unrestricted funds make it possible for us to address both immediate and long term funding needs and ensure that students have access to every possible opportunity.

Make this year a great Valpo experience for every student. Please give to the Valpo Fund.