Student Scholarships

Gifts to the Valpo Fund each year provide critically needed scholarships for our talented students.

We continue to witness the ongoing economic downturn that has made it especially challenging for families seeking to provide an excellent education for their children. Valparaiso University is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that students who wish to earn a Valpo degree have the means to do so.

If I did not receive the scholarships I do from Valpo, there is no way I would be here.  I am so thankful for the aid I have received because I genuinely love Valpo and can’t imagine being elsewhere.  - Rachel Blane – Class of 2014

We have a responsibility to open our doors to the many outstanding young scholars who seek to achieve their dream of becoming college graduates. Unrestricted gifts through support for the University’s Valpo Fund help make that dream a reality. 

  • Over 94% of first-time freshmen receive financial aid.
  • The cost during 2011/2012 for an undergraduate, on-campus student was an estimated $42,636, with tuition and fees comprising $31,040 of that total.
  • Net tuition and fees make up approximately 60% of the University’s annual operating budget.
  • The average aid award is over $25,000 (a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and employment).
  • Over 300 students annually receive scholarships through gifts to the Valpo Fund, the University’s unrestricted giving fund.
  • Many of the students who receive these scholarships are the first in their families to attend a university and could not attend Valpo without financial assistance.

The mission of Valparaiso University remains steadfast – to serve as a community of learning dedicated to excellence and grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith, preparing students to led and serve in both church and society.

There are many students that are beyond qualified to further their education but can’t without aid financially.  Scholarships help make these students dreams of furthering their education come true.  - Kurt Przybyla- 2014

Providing much needed scholarship funds in fulfillment of this mission is a core function of this University and will remain so through your generous gifts to the Valpo Fund.

You can make a difference today. Please give to the Valpo Fund.