So it begins ...
Gabe Glass

It’s German Tour 2010 Day 1, and I couldn’t be more pumped! Aside from the lack of sleep, motion sickness and overall jetlag, the trip was pretty smooth. The plane we flew in was fantastic, with complimentary meals for dinner and breakfast and a long list of just-released movies to watch on our own personal touch-screen monitor. Although these perks definitely helped us get comfortable on our eight hour flight, it was still an eight hour flight, and having to get onto another flight almost immediately after landing was not a nice greeting to Germany.

We landed in Munich, and from there got on a much smaller plane for a short one hour flight into our destination, Leipzig. Now all we needed was a nice long … rehearsal before dinner. It turned out to be well worth it though, because those of us who had never been to Germany on tour with the Chorale before got to finally experience the St. Thomas Church. Walking into the building where Bach once stood eliminated all traces of exhaustion and complaint, because we all knew we stepped into a place of musical greatness. Simply looking around and knowing that Johann Sebastian Bach once performed in the very same space was both humbling and exhilerating.

Of course we had to start our singing off with a Bach piece; more specifically the 17th chorale of the St. Matthew Passion. The sound was no less than breathtaking, and in the words of our fearless conductor, “There’s never a bad day of singing in this place.” And that right there is a fact. The inspiration that both Bach and the St. Thomas Church stirs up inside me and every Chorale member is something of beauty, depth, richness and greatness. Just singing a few pieces this afternoon has shown me how much we can accomplish as a choir, and how much we will all grow. As questionable as the ride over to this country was, even the small amount of music that has been made here thusfar makes it all worthwhile.

Now what would one of Gabe Glass’s blog posts be without the mention of food? Not worth reading, that’s for sure. So far we haven’t experienced much in the ways of German cuisine since we just arrived and headed straight into rehearsal, but very shortly we’ll be dining at Alte Nikolaischule, feasting on pork medallions, vegetables, potatoes au gratin, and more! Also, just walking the few blocks from our hotel to the St. Thomas Church, there are many places to grab a bite to eat, from pizza to bratwurst! Let’s just say it could be a fantastic end to an even more fantastic day.

So it begins … our perilous journey traveling from city to city, bringing the gift of music to those who hear us. It’s one of the most prestigious honors I could be given, to help others grow through the music I create, and it’s even more exciting to know I will be doing all of this with some really great people. It’s only the first day and the excitement is almost palpable! Stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue our journey throughout Germany. Bis spater!

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May 20: Concert - Leipzig, Lutherkirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 23: Service - Seyda (10 a.m.) and Gentha (1 p.m.)
May 24: Concert – Rottenburg am Neckar, Wallfahrtskirche Weggental (7 p.m.)
May 25: Choral Workshop – Rottenburg am Neckar (9:30 a.m.)
May 26: Concert - Bernburg, Schlosskirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 27: Concert - Köthen, St. Agnus kirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 28 - Service - Leipzig, Thomaskirche (5 p.m.)
May 29 - Cantata - Leipzig, Thomaskirche (3 p.m.)
May 30 - Service - Leipzig, Thomaskirche 10 (a.m.)