Our hard work pays off
Gabe Glass

Well blog readers of mine, it has been one crazy but incredibly rewarding and successful day. Today we left Leipzig to go tour and perform in Bernburg. It took us about an hour and a half or so to get there, and right away we were set loose to find lunch on our own. There were plenty of little cafes to choose from, and an hour later we headed to the Bernburg Castle. There we learned about the castle history, and heard a funny story about a jester. Most importantly, though, was the amazing performance we gave. It was our first performance reunited with the Leipzig Baroque Orchestra, and it was definitely a performance to be remembered, just as all of our performances have been thus far.

Let me tell you a little bit about this story first, though. It was in the tower of the castle that we climbed to the top of where the story was unfolded. The climb was pretty tough, because the stairs were both different sizes and different heights. When we reached the top, a jester was waiting for us, who told us his story. A long time ago, when he passed through Bernburg, he was assigned to be a guard for the town. At the top of the tower, he would watch for enemies, and was rewarded for his duty. After some time, however, the people of Bernburg forgot about the jester, and did not feed him for a few days. This obviously did not make the jester happy; so as an act of revenge, he conspired with enemies of the town and let them steal cattle and other food sources from the town. This act of treason would normally result in execution, but due to his popularity among the town, he was simply forced to move on and travel to a new location. Meant to be a comical story, the mechanical jester at the top of tower was somewhat creepy. I guess the moral of the story is to not forget to feed those who protect you!

Anyway, on to what the highlight of the night was. To preface this performance, I should mention a little bit about our rehearsal that we had beforehand. It was somewhat shortened due to a mix up about scheduling for dinner, and it was clear that Dr. Cock had a lot of faith in us. This was proven when we sang our hearts out and gave an excellent performance! The crowd was sizeable, and with each song sung, our emotional connection to the music and to each other shone through. One song in particular really touched me tonight, which was Give Me Jesus. I sang this song in high school while I was a freshman and a senior, so it has a special place in my heart. As we sang the final build up, I got chills because I knew each member of the Chorale was putting their all into the song. By the end of the performance, we received a standing ovation, and we sang two encores! Needless to day, it went exceptionally well.

There’s no greater sound than hearing the audience whoop and holler after finishing a song. It seems to be an ongoing trend for our audiences: start out with polite applause, but by the end of the performance, be clapping in sync for an encore and cheering! As if our performance before this one wasn’t enough, we’ve gotten another charge of energy pushing us forward on our tour. I know the other members of Chorale would agree that this is an amazing experience, and our final four performances will be off the charts! I’d also like to thank all of you for reading and following us on our tremendous journey through Germany! Wish us luck as we keep performing, and I’m sure another post about another amazing performance will be up in no time! Bis spaeter!

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May 20: Concert - Leipzig, Lutherkirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 23: Service - Seyda (10 a.m.) and Gentha (1 p.m.)
May 24: Concert – Rottenburg am Neckar, Wallfahrtskirche Weggental (7 p.m.)
May 25: Choral Workshop – Rottenburg am Neckar (9:30 a.m.)
May 26: Concert - Bernburg, Schlosskirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 27: Concert - Köthen, St. Agnus kirche (7:30 p.m.)
May 28 - Service - Leipzig, Thomaskirche (5 p.m.)
May 29 - Cantata - Leipzig, Thomaskirche (3 p.m.)
May 30 - Service - Leipzig, Thomaskirche 10 (a.m.)