Cultural Immersion

Residential Options

Do you dream of immersing yourself in another culture? As a Valpo student, you’ll have several opportunities to “live” the language, customs, and traditions of other nations through cultural immersion residential options. Living in one of these communities helps develop the vital leadership, communication, and diversity awareness skills needed in our global society.

Kade Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center

French, German, and Spanish students who have completed their 204 language course or its equivalent may apply to live in the La Maison Francaise (French), the Kade Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center (German), or the Casa Española (Spanish). These innovative residential communities serve as the hubs for all on-campus French, German, and Spanish activities. As a resident, you’ll speak only your language of study in community areas and prepare and enjoy evening meals with your housemates Sunday through Thursday evenings. Adding to the unique experience is the presence of a native-speaking Resident Assistant, who will be on hand to help you further enhance your language skills, provide insight about the culture, and keep an organized community conducive to learning through planned activities and events.

Not a French, German, or Spanish student but still interested in a cultural immersion experience? Consider joining the Global Leaders Community. This unique residential experience will enhance your experience of community and further your understanding of the contributions of other cultures to a diverse and ever-changing world. The Community is comprised of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including American students and international students.

Global Leaders Community students host and participate in weekly meetings to craft and develop practical leadership skills through the planning, promotion, and implementation of programs and projects such as international dinners, presentations by local experts that accentuate the appreciation of the history, culture and contributions for their country of choice, informational, orientation and re-entry sessions for students planning to attend or return from study abroad programs, and much more. Students also enjoy their Sunday evening meals together and prepare an international meal as a group at least once a month.