Actuarial Science Certificate

About the Certificate:

The 14-credit graduate certificate in Actuarial Science prepares students for the U.S. and Canadian actuarial exams in probability and financial mathematics. The program also provides partial preparation for the actuarial exam in life contingencies. The certificate may be particularly useful for students in the Master of Science in International Economics and Finance program who, by choosing MATH 541 as an elective, can complete the program requirements by completing only 5 additional credits. The certificate program is also open to degree-seeking and non-degree graduate students meeting the admisstion requirements.

Admission Requirements:

Admission to this program requires two calculus courses (equivalent to MATH 131 and MATH 132), an introductory statistics course (equivalent to MATH 240), and a financial accounting course. Applicants must also meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School and/or be active students in the Graduate School at Valparaiso University.

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 Required Courses:
 ACRS 525
 Actuarial Modeling
 3 credits 
 MATH 541
 Probability  3 credits
 MATH 593
 Seminar in Applied Statistics
 3 credits
 MBA 721 
 Advanced Financial Management
 2 credits
 choose one:
 ECON 525
 Econometrics  3 credits
 MATH 540
 Statistics for Decision Making  3 credits







Title IV Information for Certificate Programs

The Valparaiso University Graduate School and Department of Continuing Education, in compliance with the Gainful Employment Disclosure Act, presents this information to you on our Title IV Eligible certificate programs.

CIP Code:  52.1304
Number of Weeks Allowed for Completion:  72
Credit Hours:  14
Type:  Semester
Tuition Fees:  $6720
Book Fees:  $750
Additional Fees:  $100 per semester
Credits Transferrable to Degree Program:  Yes
Students Completing Program in 2006-2011 in Time Allowed:  0
Total Students Enrolled in 2010 - 2011: 0
Median Loan Debt: 0
SOC Code: 15.2010
Classification: Actuary Occupations
Job Placement Rates:  Unavailable

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor     O Net website at: