Arts, leisure, and entertainment represent rapidly expanding sectors of the US and world economies, particularly over the past decade. The 36-credit program in Arts and Entertainment Administration prepares students for professional careers related to the administration of programs in the arts and entertainment, including the performing arts, theatre, visual arts, museum studies, shows, and entertainment venues. The program draws upon the strong arts and museum programs at Valparaiso University as well as the rich artistic opportunities in Northwest Indiana and Chicago. A wide range of professionals and entrants may find the program beneficial, including performing artists, teachers, business professionals, casino managers, showplace managers, managers of cultural organizations, and government and privately sponsored performance groups.

In addition to adhering to the guidelines of professional organizations associated with Arts Education, the program offers a number of distinctive features, including coursework and experiences related to:

  • International arts and entertainment management, including possible internship placements in the US and abroad.
  • Entertainment perspective for those from the for-profit sector.
  • Legal and Business issues related to arts and entertainment management.
  • Entrepreneurship coursework anticipating future directions and needs within arts and entertainment.

Program Delivery

The Arts & Entertainment Administration program is designed for accessibility.  Working professionals are encouraged to contact the Graduate School for options regarding online classes, workshops, and professional development.  Many of our students complete the entire program through a hybrid delivery model while holding full-time jobs in the arts and entertainment fields.

Summer Workshops for Students and Professionals

This course, "Trends, Marketing, and Promotion in Arts and Entertainment Administration" will be offered to both professionals and current students.  This week-long class will include daily instruction by professionals, networking receptions with professionals in arts and entertainment, and visits to arts and entertainment facilities in northwest Indiana and Chicago. For more information and application instructions, please visit the workshop webpage.

Curriculum (36-48 credits):

The program consists of core requirements and electives. Included in the core is an internship experience or research project which may be waived for persons already employed in an appropriate professional setting. Depending on the student's preparation, the program may be completed in 18-24 months. If a student has both arts and business backgrounds, 36 credits are required. If a student lacks background in one of these two areas, then 42 credits are required. If a student lacks background in both areas, the student will need to take preparatory coursework in both areas and thus complete 48 credits.


 Core Requirements (26 cr):
 AE 501
 Arts & Entertainment Administration
 2 cr
 AE 610
 Managing Facilities
 2 cr
 AE 615  Event Planning & Promotion
 2 cr
 AE 650  International Arts & Entertainment
 2 cr
 AE 680  Comprehensive Project Planning & Implementation
 3 cr
 AE 699  Continuity & Change in Arts & Entertainment
 2 cr
 ICP 670
 Law & Legal Principles
 2 cr
  Choose one:
 AE 685
 2-4 cr
 AE 692
 Research Project
 2-4 cr
 Choose one:
 ICP 620  Cross-Cultural Management  3 cr
 ICP 621
 Global Leadership & Team Development  3 cr
 Choose one:
 AE 630
 Financial Management for Arts
 2 cr
 MBA 750 
 Entrepreneurship  2 cr
 Choose one:
 AE 670
 Entertainment Law
 3 cr
 AE 671
 Art and the Law
 2 cr
 AE 672
 Media Law  2 cr
  Electives (10 cr):
 LS 635  Volunteerism & Philanthropy  3 cr
 AE 673  Sports and the Law  2 cr
 AE 674  Intellectual Property
 2 cr
 AE 685
 Internship  2-4 cr
 AE 690
 Topics in Arts & Entertainment Administration
 1-3 cr
 AE 692
 Research Project
 2-4 cr
 ART 590  Topic: Musuem Studies  3 cr
 Art/Music/Theatre courses  0-9 cr
 COMM courses (as approved)
 0-9 cr
 ICP 689
 Professional & Career Development  0-1 cr
 ICP 690
 Topic: Non-Profit Organizations
 3 cr
 ICP 603
 Information Management  3 cr
 LS 690
 Topic: Grant Writing
 3 cr
 MBA 500 or 700 level courses
 0-6 cr

Admission Requirements:

Applicants are required to meet the standard admission criteria for the Graduate School. In addition, applicants should have a background in either the arts, business, or both. A background in the arts is defined as a minor in any arts field; persons lacking this background will need to take at least 6 credits in specified arts courses or have had extensive career/professional experience in the field. A background in business is defined as a business minor; persons lacking this background will be required to take at least 6 credits in specified business courses or have had extensive career/professional experience in the field.

Early Entry Option for VU Undergraduates

Qualified VU juniors and seniors may apply to begin graduate course work in Arts & Entertainment Administration prior to graduation.  This unique program allows students to save time and money on their graduate programs.  For more information, students should speak with their academic advisors and contact an admissions counselor at the Graduate School.

Financial Considerations:

Students may be surprised to discover the affordable tuition rate at Valparaiso University. Tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year is $560 per credit hour which is highly competitive for a private institution of recognized national quality. Full-time graduate students pay a $183 general fee each fall and spring semester. Part-time graduate students pay a $100 general fee each fall and spring semester. Financial aid is available through direct and indirect students loans for students taking 6 credits or more during fall and spring semesters. Because most course offerings are scheduled for the evening, many students hold part or full-time employment during their study.

For more information about the Master of Arts in Arts & Entertainment Administration:
Interested students should request an information packet from the Office of the Graduate School through our website or by e-mailing

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