Alumni Quotes

 "Some of the main attractions to VU grad school are the variety of courses one can take and the diverse student populous from all over the world. As an undergrad there were some exchange students that attended for a semester abroad, but were not as integrated in the VU community as the graduate international students that were receiving their diploma from VU. The wide variety of students from all over the world brought in different perspectives to the classroom setting which enhanced my knowledge in how to engage in current issues. My goal is to work with an international organization, or a domestic agency that analyzes global issues and development, and I believe that my graduate education at VU has given me a head start on my career goals due to the diverse international student body make-up as well as the coursework that dealt with current international events/conflicts."
Alex Stys, 2009 Graduate, ICP (also VU Undergrad)

"Since graduation, and being employed with the Department of State/Foreign Service I have had the opportunity to travel to China, the Philippines, New Orleans and New York. I am constantly challenged, learning and taking advantage of every opportunity I can! I am contributing to the Foreign Service in many different and unique ways. I am very grateful for how Valpo prepared me for this job and life in general both as a grad student and an adjunct instructor!"
Mike Fitzgerald, MALS Theology, 2007

"I felt like the counseling program prepared me for my career because I had professors who had worked in the field and plenty of internship opportunities to help me gain my own experience and find the areas I was most interested in. The professors, staff, and other students in the Valpo Grad Program were so friendly and helpful it often felt more like a family than just a school."
Jessica Jenen, Clincal Mental Health Counseling '07

"Valpo's Sports Administration program helped prepare me for a career working in intercollegiate athletics by what I learned not only in the classroom but also through the hands-on experiences I had as a graduate student."
Kurt Westendorp, Sports Administration '06

"Valpo's Graduate Division is the right place for students needing higher degrees because the faculty and the staff are very helpful and take care of their students. Moreover, my fellow students are kind and gentle. I have made many good memories at events on and off campus, including events held by the International Studies Office. That's why I chose Valpo to further my teaching career in Japan."
Toshiharu Hishinuma, English Studies & Communication '08, Japan

“The ICP program provides me with the necessary knowledge and international business skills, as well as realization of business challenges and opportunities. The diversity of cultures and family-oriented atmosphere on Valpo's campus as a result of the program is unique."
Lionel Arzu, International Commerce & Policy ’06, Belize

“When I was an ICP student, the program was taking its first steps and consistently improving according to the suggestions of the students. The good communication between the students and the graduate office was responsible for those improvements. The ICP program gave me new international management skills and helped me to develop a global mindset through the collaboration of student’s ideas and different classes such as Asian Economies or Cross Cultural Management. This program has an advantage in a new global world economy, and especially in my field of corporate banking. Furthermore, it had sharpened my understanding of the leadership responsibilities of an executive in a corporation or organization. I also developed an appreciation of the American system of education, which is different than the French system of education.
Galagnon Gayé, International Commerce & Policy ’04, Ivory Coast

“My learning experiences at VU has encouraged me to excel beyond local boundaries. For example, the international relationships I developed during my time in the ICP program have built global bridges for my business, my community, and my family.”
Josie Jent, International Commerce & Policy ’06, USA

“At Valparaiso University, I found the staff, professors and concerned persons like you and the Dean for the Graduate Division were most helpful in completing the program. Valparaiso University is small community and has shown personal interest to the students. I gained a lot from the University in terms of knowledge, experience and learning a wide variety of things. The ICP program is an excellent program for international students. I would recommend this program highly. I found it very useful because, we can know more about different cultures and behaviors from our fellow students who are from different countries.”
Parvathi Kapu, International Commerce & Policy ’06, India

“I chose the ICP program for its comprehensive approach to policy and was able to customize my research projects towards my field.  I work with immigration regulations in higher education, and have a better understanding of how policy influences this field. Because the program emphasizes classroom discussion and team projects, I learned how to work collaboratively with people from around the world.  The program often allowed for intensive discussion of political and economic topics.  I could never have expected the range of perspectives from the professors and classmates in the program.”
Julie Maddox, International Commerce & Policy ’05, USA

"They say graduate school is the experience of a lifetime - Valparaiso University definitely embodied that. The International Commerce and Policy program is a wonderful way to meet, spend time with, and learn from students of other cultures. Nowhere else could I have become classmates and close friends with students from Saudi Arabia, China, India, and other countries. Not only have I made great friends from all over the world but also great contacts for future jobs overseas."
Patrick Maillet, International Commerce & Policy ’08, USA

“The strength of the ICP program is in its diversity. Though America is a melting pot, we often become blinded by the American way of doing things. ICP attracts students from across the globe, helping to illustrate what other countries do, why they do it, and how they perceive what we as Americans do. Learning from the thoughts and experiences of others can set the foundation for understanding both how to interpret and compete in the international marketplace.”
Bob Prince, JD/International Commerce & Policy ’06, currently pursuing JD, USA

“The ICP program allows you to view the world in a very unique way.  When you read the newspaper and observe the daily events that occur around the world, the courses you take for the program allows you to view any problem from a business and economic standpoint….In the ICP program, you are given tools to critically analyze the world through different set of lenses.  The ability to view a problem from this alternative perspective translate to every facet of your life and future.”
Wakaba Tessier, International Commerce & Policy ’06, Japan

“The time at VU was absolutely the best period of time in my life up to now. I learned a lot of knowledge, made a lot of friends, traveled a lot to beautiful places, and most important, I developed myself a lot. I owe all of my improvement to my lovely professors. Thank you very much!”
Bihong (Joyce) Wang, International Commerce & Policy '06, China

“Since I have started in the MALS program, I have learned a lot of new and exciting things. All of my professors have been very knowledgeable, helpful and fun. I am happy with my decision in participating in the program and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!”
Jetaun Allison, MA in Liberal Studies ‘07

“First, the atmosphere is incredible. The professors and fellow students are of an exceptional quality. The classes are run professionally and are challenging without being task-driven or overwhelming. The curriculum has been inviting and I have experienced new ideas and concepts that have given me insight into my current career as an elementary teacher. The most successful quality of the program is the diversity of your professors and the curriculum that they create. My experience here as been life-altering.”
Beth Coombs Uhles, MA in Liberal Studies ‘07

“When I began the MALS program, it had been many years since I took my last college class and I was apprehensive about taking a graduate level class at Valpo. I chose a class in the MALS program and dove right in. My choice was a good one—diverse backgrounds of my classmates and professors entitles me to be a part of many lively class discussions, and to view subjects from more points of view than I ever dreamed possible...Apprehension has been replaced with enthusiasm as I look forward to my next semester.”
Mark Dickinson, current MA in Liberal Studies student

“I am a graduate of [another university], and have had dozens of professors. I would just like to say that the history professors I had while in the MALS program, were some of the best I have ever had and were incredibly accessible and genuinely interested in the students in the classroom.”
Justin Staublin, JD/MA in Liberal Studies ‘09

“The depth of meaningful, reliable, and synergistic education that the VU dual degree program provides cannot be overvalued by anyone who desires to heighten their community responsibility through academic achievement. Setting aside the marketability of the set of credentials, the program's value comes from excellent faculty, careful administrators, and smart colleagues. I am proud to have earned a seat in Valparaiso University's graduate and law schools.”
Ed Zuger, JD/MA in Liberal Studies ‘07

"I got my undergraduate degree from VU and the reason I came back for my graduate degree is because upon program completion, I will be well prepared as an advanced practice nurse. VU's Nursing professors are leaders and experts in their profession and want you to excel as a student. One of my proudest moments was when a professor, Dr. Mauk, asked me to be a co-investigator in a research project she was doing. What an honor and opportunity to learn from the leader in geriatric nursing! She has had such a positive impact on me during my time at VU in the graduate nursing program. Professor Schmidt has also been a positive impact and has really helped me go beyond my limitations. She has fine-tuned the educational experience and brings learning to life. The nursing program at VU has kept the foundation of nursing education intact while keeping up with the new technology and practice standards. The professors are approachable, down to earth, and in tune with today's advanced practice nurse. They have a unique ability to disseminate their knowledge to the students who want to gain academic excellence as professional nurses."
Chantel Prater, Nursing