Master of Engineering Management Course Descriptions

MEM 605 Project Management
Cr. 2. Focus is on t he skills and tasks of project management and product development. A variety of different types of projects and the needs of each are explored. The course focuses on defining projects; identifying objectives, outcomes, and customer needs; building a plan and identifying resource needs; identifying team members and various roles; creating a schedule and establishing milestones; conducting reviews, meetings and communication.

MEM 621/622 Project Leadership in Action
Cr. 2 each. MEM students will supervise multidisciplinary teams of engineering students completing their senior design project (GE 497/GE 498). These projects involve the application of theoretical and experimental engineering concepts in the design of an engineering system to solve a real-world problem.

MEM 665 Engineering Management Seminar
Cr. 2. An intensive study of current issues in engineering management.