Academic Support Systems

International graduate students at Valparaiso University receive strong academic mentoring and individualized support from the Graduate School Program adviser. Some graduate programs incorporate a 3-credit English language enhancement component designed to assist students with interpretation of their texts, written assignments, and oral presentations. For those needing intensive English Language, the on-campus INTERLINK Language Center can provide extensive instruction in communication skills, reading and writing skills, and cultural orientation. Admissible international students who do not meet the TOEFL score requirement may be able to substitute INTERLINK study to meet the admission requirements.

Graduate Tutoring Lab
The Graduate Tutoring Center is designed to provide assistance to graduate students for a variety of needs.  Whether it be formatting papers, review of homework, or more specialized topic specific tutoring.  Tutors are graduate students from a variety of programs, but primarily English Studies and Communication.

The Center is located on the first floor of the Christopher Center, along with the Writing Center.  The hours are set as the semester begins, but is open 6 days per week, and most nights.  There is also an email available for students to send papers to for pre-review

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Thursday: 1-8, Friday: 1-4, Sunday 4-8

Choose one of the following procedures if you'd like to work with a tutor:

1. Your best experience will result if you e-mail your paper to, and then make an appointment with a tutor for no sooner than 48 hours later.  We need to have adequate time to review your paper in order to prepare for the tutoring session.  We guarantee that this option will provide you with the most position experience and results.

2. Of course we encourage you to come to the Grad Tutoring Lab and sign up for a 30 minute appointment with a tutor during any of hour hours.  Bring your assignment with you - we will make the most of the 30 minutes!!!

3. You can always drop by the Grad Tutoring Lab for 30 minute "walk-in" appointment; we'd be happy to work with you if a tutor is available.