International Student Admission Procedures
2011-2012 Academic Year
Students at Washington Park

Valparaiso University welcomes applications from qualified international students. At present, over 40 nations are represented in the University's international student population. In order to make the application process as easy and trouble-free as possible, please read and follow these guidelines carefully.

Criteria for Admission
In order for you to be considered for provisional admission, the Graduate School must receive the following at least two months before you intend to begin your course of study:

  • Valparaiso University Graduate School Application Form
  • Academic Records: Certified, official transcripts (both original and English translations of all university courses in which you have been enrolled). The undergraduate transcript should indicate the degree earned. Transcripts should be sent directly to our office by the Registrar of your undergraduate and/or graduate university or institute.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Submit two letters in support of your application or two completed reference forms sent directly to our office from academic advisers, teachers, or sponsors.  This requirement may vary by program; certain programs require an additional reference, a specific form, or certain content. Recommendation forms are available as both PDF files and secure online forms on the "Forms" section of the Graduate School website. The secure recommendation forms must be initiated by the prospective student before the recommenders are contacted.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of at least 550 (paper version), 230 (computer-based), or Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT) score of at least 80; minimum IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6; or an INTERLINK Language Center Level 5, or the equivalent. For information on the TOEFL, visit their website at For information on the IELTS, visit their website at  US Embassies and Consulates are likely to have information about this test so your test scores can be sent directly to us from the testing organization. For more information about INTERLINK, visit their website at
  • Affidavit of Financial Support: Valparaiso University is required by the United States Department of Homeland Security to determine that international applicants have sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses while in the USA. Under special circumstances that must include an explanation by the applicant, admission may be granted on a provisional basis until a notarized statement of your financial support has been received. The Affidavit form can be found here.
  • Health Statement: A completed Valparaiso University Health Form must be on file in our office before you may enroll for classes, but is not required for provisional acceptance. This form will be sent to you once you have been provisionally admitted.
  • Passport:  Provide either a scanned copy (emailed to our office), legible photocopy, or fax copy, of your passport, clearly showing your full name and date of birth.
  • Application Fee: A check or money order for $50 payable to Valparaiso University should be returned to the Graduate Division Office at least two months before you intend to begin your course of study.

All application materials, including letters of reference and official transcripts should be sent to:

Valparaiso University
Office of the Graduate School
1700 Chapel Drive
Kretzmann Hall 114
Valparaiso, IN 46383-9978, USA

We realize that you need to know whether you have been granted admission to Valparaiso University at the earliest possible date. When we have received your completed application and fee, two letters of support, either your TOEFL scores or notification of your enrollment in our English language INTERLINK program, and an affidavit of financial support, we will review your materials for possible provisional admission. Upon provisional admission, our Director of International Students & Scholars, Moninder "Holly" Singh, will send you a Certificate of Admission, the Valparaiso University Health Form, and the necessary I-20 AB form for Immigration purposes. You will then need to apply for a student visa (F-1) at the nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate. They will want to inspect the I-20 AB form, your passport, and your proof of financial support before issuing you the F-1 visa. You will also need to submit a completed and signed Valparaiso University Health Form. Full admission to the Graduate Division is not provided until all required documents have been received and reviewed by our office.

Full-time Enrollment

If you are studying on the F-1 visa, you are required by the US Department of Homeland Security to successfully complete at least nine credit hours (3 courses each fall and spring) per semester; otherwise, your visa may be revoked. Decisions to withdraw from a course, take a leave of absence, or transfer to another school should be first discussed with the Director of International Programs at Valparaiso University.

As an international student at Valparaiso University, you must make your own arrangements for financing your expenses before you arrive in the U.S. A typical estimate of expenses, depending on your program of study, for two semesters (with and without optional summer coursework) at the current tuition level is given below. If English is not your native language, we strongly recommend Track 1, which involves less coursework each semester. Following Track 2, a much more intense schedule, would enable you to complete a Masters degree in some fields in 12-15 months.

  Track 1 Track 2 MBA Track
Credits Per Year 18-24 Credits/Year 24-33 Credits/Year 28 Credits/Year
Courses each semester or session 3 courses 4 courses 3-4 courses per
each 7 week session
Tuition and fees $ 8,700.00 to $11,500.00 $11,500.00 to $16,000.00 $ 16,680.00
Living expenses, books, misc. $9,000.00 $9,000.00 $9,000.00
Transcript evaluation, if necessary - up to $150.00 $150.00 $150.00
Health Insurance (approximately) $1,104.00 $1,104.00 $1,104.00
Total for nine months $18,514.00 to $21,214.00 $21,214.00 to $25,264.00 $25,934.00
Summer School (up to 12 credit hours) $5,400.00 $5,400.00 $7,080.00
Additional Living Expenses $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00
Total for 12 months $26,414.00 to $29,114.00 $29,114.00 to $33,164.00 $36,514.00

Financial Aid
Valparaiso University does not offer financial aid to international students registered in the Graduate School. See also the section on "Employment" below.

Health Insurance
Valparaiso University requires that you purchase health insurance in order to help pay for major medical expenses, unless you can show proof of comparable coverage from your sponsors.

Students who need to improve their English language skills prior to graduate study at Valparaiso University are invited to enroll in the INTERLINK program. The INTERLINK program at Valparaiso University provides intensive English language training, cultural orientation, social adjustment, and academic preparation for qualified international students, scholars, and professionals preparing to study and work in the United States. The curriculum focuses on reading, writing, grammar, listening, conversation, pronunciation, and study skills. Admission to the program is open to adults who have completed secondary school (high school) in good standing and are able to meet the education and living expenses of the program. For more information contact:

Rebecca Shelton
INTERLINK Language Center
Heidbrink Hall 103
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso IN 46383 USA

Telephone: (219) 464-5518
Fax: (219) 464-6846

Many international students take part-time jobs (up to 20 hours per week) on campus each year while studying at Valparaiso University, so you should not expect to pay for educational expenses in this way. The Department of Homeland Security does not permit any off-campus work during the first academic year. After that period of time, international students may, in special instances, be granted permission to work off campus.

We look forward to receiving your completed Application for Admission, and hope that we will be able to extend an invitation to join our University. If you have questions, please contact us.

Holly Singh
David Rowland
Moninder "Holly" Singh
Director of International Students & Scholars
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso IN 46383 USA

Telephone: (219) 464-5333
Fax: (219) 464-6868
David L. Rowland, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate School
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso IN 46383 USA

Telephone: (219) 464-5313
Fax: (219) 464-5381