Programs in China

With the recent increase of applicants from China, and in order to benefit prospective students, Valparaiso University has established several programs in partnership with universities and agents in China. These programs aim to prepare future leaders with global perspectives, provide Chinese applicants with an understanding of higher education in the United States, and generally introduce students to American culture.

Beijing Jiaotong University:

The program is currently managed by faculty and staff from both Beijing Jiaotong University and Valparaiso University. Specifically, Valparaiso University has brought Chinese faculty to its campus to train them in the teaching of English to non-native speakers. Valparaiso University also sends faculty each year to Beijing to offer preliminary academic coursework and instruction to students intending to continue their studies at Valparaiso University. Beijing Jiaotong University selects candidates for participation in the program based on criteria set forth by Valparaiso University, which then decides which students completing the program are eligible for admission to Valparaiso University’s programs.

The first group of twelve students from Beijing Jiaotong University arrived in the United States to start their exciting journey at Valparaiso University in August 2009.
Program Instructor
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Hangzhou Normal University

In spring 2008,Valparaiso University authorized Hangzhou Normal University to offer a Valparaiso University-listed course at Hangzhou Normal University to students who are strongly interested in applying for graduate admission at Valparaiso University. The course, "English for Business," was taught by an experienced faculty member - Joy Zhang from Hangzhou Normal University - with input from Valparaiso University in regard to curriculum design and grading. Hangzhou Normal University students who successfully complete the course with an acceptable grade received three graduate credits from Valparaiso University that apply towards degree requirements at Valparaiso University. These students will also be exempt from submitting TOEFL scores.

Seventeen students graduated from this program and successfully got their visas in Spring 2008 and Spring 2009

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Signing Ceremony in 2008

2009 Class

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Beijing Fanzhidu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd

In the spring of 2008, Valparaiso University and Fanzhidu of Beijing started a preparatory program for Chinese students planning to enter Valparaiso University’s graduate and undergraduate programs. Courses are taught by a Valparaiso University faculty member. Students who successfully completed the program with a satisfactory grade will be offered admission to Valparaiso University and will be awarded academic credit. More details area available on the program's website.

Summer 2008 Class

Fall 2009 Class

Summer 2009

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